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First United Presbyterian Church
Friday February 1, 2019


Wandering Mind – Footsteps


By now, most of us are familiar with the poem Footprints in which he hear Jesus explain the times in which he carries the individual during the lowest and loneliest points.  It is a reminder of what happens when we finally take a self-evaluation, when we look back on our journey, and we come to understand just what a relationship with Jesus does for us.  Of course, it is also not surprising that it is about walking, about footsteps, and about the trail that they leave behind.

Jesus walked.  Outside of a brief ride into Jerusalem, the Gospels demonstrate Jesus walking everywhere, even on water.  It was the most common form of transportation, but it also held a key feature: the ability to engage with others.  It is on a walk that Jesus opens the minds of disciples following his resurrection by explaining all of the Scriptures.  It is on walks that Jesus heals the blind, is met by Israelites and Gentiles looking for healing, and is able to demonstrate the amazing reality of God’s creation.

Walking is an opportunity.  Walking is an action.  Walking is not just about bodily movement, but is also about how we transition and gain knowledge.  Jesus knows the importance of walking together.  He knows what happens when people walk together.  He is acutely aware of how the world is changed by walking, especially in large numbers, but even as two people.  It is amazing what a walk can accomplish.  I am pretty sure that is why dogs love going on walks so much, they know what it can accomplish: exercise, experiencing nature, meeting new people (dogs), smelling new things (although I do not recommend sniffing the fire hydrant), releasing tension and stress, and bonding.

This is why our footsteps are important.  Our uncharted footsteps can lead us in many new places, but they can also help us to lead new people to places they never expected to be able to find.  Taking time to walk with someone is an active participation in the life of Christ.  It takes time and requires our attention.  It means giving of ourselves to another.  It also means being intentional about a longer journey.

We are called to walk.  We are called to walk with others and help them on their journey.  We are called to walk alongside, but to be ready to carry when necessary.  We are called to engage with one another, and with the other.  We are called.  We are called.


Blessings on the journey,


Pastor Jeff

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Thank you to my church family for the prayers and cards during my hospital stay and recovery. It was so nice hearing from so many of you. I so appreciated all the caring words. Thank you for your love and friendship.
-Gloria Alldredge

We had sixteen donors at our blood drive on January 14.  Twelve of our donors were Church members.  Thanks to the following for coming to donate:  Allyson Burr, Laurie Carter, Brenda Caselli, Kristine Cleland, Larry Close, Sarah Evers, Stacy Kneedler, Larry Krupp, Carol McFall, Rose Nowman, Sarah Ross and Todd Tillman.  A very special thanks to first time donor Rose Nowman.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the drive a success.
-Warren Carter


For Nathan Zellers: Rod & Thelerna French

We lift up in prayer to God the following: Angie Merrick, Pat Adams, Kim Zellers & Family, Lisa Hartwig, Dorothy Rudis, Norm & Marge Hoelscher, Randy Acher, Bob Stephens, Jerry Locandra, Walt Delaney, David Wintzel.

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