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First United Presbyterian Church
Thursday May 28, 2020


Over the past month or so I have been reading the works of St. Augustine, the theologian whose writings have heavily influenced Western Christianity. While studying some of his works I happened upon a concept I knew nothing about. Augustine talks at length about the Four Cardinal Virtues: prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance. Four Cardinal Virtues… What makes them of grave importance? I don’t yet have Augustine’s answer, but I do have my suspicions. When I do, I will be sure and share my finds. I do know that Augustine connects them to what is known as the Three Theological Virtues: faith, hope, and love. That’s a lot of virtues, or concepts of virtue I know little about. I will begin a three part sermon series titled “The Essentials” in the coming weeks. In each of the sermons we will explore one of the Three Theological Virtues, asking how and why they are absolutely necessary for the Christian life. Before we get there, we have two important Sundays coming up: the Day of Pentecost and Trinity Sunday. Pentecost Sunday comes fifty days after Easter Sunday. It symbolizes for us a new beginning. The day we were given the gift of the Holy Spirit, which, in turn, has empowered the church to reach the world with the good news of the gospel - Jesus Christ lives! On Pentecost Sunday the church expresses its gratitude for the faithfulness of Jesus in fulfilling his promise to send to us the “Great Counselor,” which is a descriptive title for the Holy Spirit. We also celebrate the work of the Holy Spirit in renewing all of creation and prompting the church to fulfill its mission. Next, it is Trinity Sunday. On Trinity Sunday, the church revels in the mystery, power, and beauty of the triune God. It is big Sunday because we acknowledge that all three persons of the Trinity exist together from eternity to eternity. That is to say, Trinity Sunday is all about the wonderful mystery of the triune God who created us, redeemed us, and loves us. I am excited about the next five weeks and I hope you are too. 

Also, the Health Team has been meeting regularly to discuss all the steps that need to take place in order for the church to be ready for in-person worship. There are many things to consider and the Health Team is talking through each and every item to prepare a thorough plan. The plan is not complete, but good progress has been made. We hope in the coming weeks we will have all the details sorted out. As you are aware, things change so quickly that we need to remain adaptable. As we learn more, the Health Team will adapt and amend the plan to meet all safety and health guidelines. Please help me in thanking the Health Team and our Session for leading us through these difficult times. If you are on the phone with someone or emailing with a member of either group, consider thanking, encouraging, and praying for them.

The Worship Committee has also been meeting to plan out how in-person worship will work once we do resume in-person worship. They, too, have a comprehensive list of items that will impact our corporate worship experience. When, in-person worship resumes, (and we don’t yet have a timeline), many things will change. The worship service will look different. It will sound different. And it will feel different. That is because it will be different. But being different is not a bad thing. Being different means new, exciting, and inventive things will happen. We will have to work especially hard to worship in our current world context.  We will continue to be the church. When we join together to praise and worship God we are the church. I am thankful to say FUPC has remained the church throughout our virtual worship services together. I am confident we will remain the church as we slowly, and when appropriate, draw together for in-person worship. Please help me in thanking the Worship Committee for diligently considering all aspects of worship. If you are on the phone with someone or emailing with a committee member, consider thanking, encouraging, and praying for them.

Finally, all the other church committees have been meeting to discuss church business. We have lots of exciting things going on! For example, the upstairs portion of the education wing getting plastered and painted. The church roof is being repaired. The Christian Education Committee is producing weekly lessons for the children of the church. There are multiple Adult Bible studies happening right now. I could go on and on…

I want to end by saying thank you to FUPC. You are dedicated to the Christian faith and your testimony reaches well beyond the walls of the building that sits at 201 E. Church St., Collinsville, Illinois. Thank you for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the world. I am so honored and delighted to join with you in your good works. I encourage you to continue supporting and praying for our leaders and one another as we move forward as the church in these ever-changing times.

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The Worship Comittee is currently working with Pastor Zach and the FUPC Session to develop a plan for safely returning to in-person worship services in the future. The current date is not yet known, and will depend on many rapidly changing factors. Until the time comes when we can join together again in our sanctuary and praise God, we will continue to lead virtual worship. If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping with virtual worship, we would welcome it freely. If interested, please contact Pastor Zach, or any member of the worship committee, Clark Evers, Mary Beth Dellamano, Regina Cundall, and Alan Bogovich.

Online giving is now available. If you go to you are now able to make a contribution to the church online via credit/debit card or EFT/ACH. There are many options available, you can make a one time, monthly, or even a weekly tithing.
You are also welcome to mail in your checks to the church, please address them to the church administrator's home address:  
Sarah Evers
110 Greer Ct.
Collinsville, IL 62234

"Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." 2 Corinthians 9:7


The Thursday Night Small Group Bible Study is finishing its study of Thessalonians via Zoom. We have around 8 or 9 participants at our Zoom meetings, and we are thankful to Pastor Zach for setting it up for us. Before COVID-19, we met the first and third Thursdays of the month at Mary Dellamano's house. Last fall we began studying 2 Corinthians followed by 1 and 2 Thessalonians. We take a break during the summer months, but we will keep you posted on our next book of the Bible to study beginning in the fall.  We always welcome new participants.

FUPC will be hosting a blood drive for The American Red Cross on June 15th & 16th, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 
Please contact Warren Carter or sign up at
The quilters made a very special quilt for Gary to celebrate his retirement after 25 years. Mary Beth Dellamano delivered the quilt to him. 
The following had a helping hand in making the quilt:
Stacy Kneedler
Susie Bender
Linda Kunz
Melanie Moritz
Misty Tennant
Linda Gray
Ann Badasch
Allyson Burr
Mary Beth Dellamano
Alice Bilderback

Gary wrote a thank you card to the quilters for this kind gesture:
"To Mary and all the Quilters at FUPC,
Thank you so much for the quilt I received on my retirement at the church. This is a really nice quilt and I appreciate all the work that went into making it. It looks great! And, I will certainly use it and also enjoy it. 
I can assure you all, this is something I will always remember.
Gary C."

Dear Church Family,
My heart is full of love and gratitude as I think of all the cards, flowers, and prayers sent by so many, and especially for my gorgeous handmade quilt.
Wellness has been a long time coming, but chemo has been completed and I’m thrilled about that! May 8 was my final chemo treatment and I got to ring the chemo bell three times! Deb, Emilee and my darling great grandchildren were celebrating from outside.
I’ve been recuperating for over a year from one thing or another. I think we’ve made it! We being my wonderful caregiver Deb.
A Big thank you to my church family for their Love and thoughtfulness.
Love always,
Gloria Alldredge

Dear Church Family & Pastor Zach,
Thank you for all of your kind words & prayers at the passing of my mom. Thank you for the lovely plant. We are grateful for our church family & our faith.
In His Name,
Susie & Lloyd Bender


8 – Lynda Evers

10 – Mary Lee Baumgartner

22 – Meagan Kunz

23 – Mike Nichols; Carol Allender

25 – Melanie Moritz

29 – Sherri Finke


3 – Kevin & Susanna Benson

6 – Clancy & Dot Mills

9 – Paul & Mary Lee Muniz

15 – Warren & Laurie Carter

16 – Steve & Barbara Esker

20 – Calvin & Janet Butts

24 – Larry & Bonnie Krupp

26 – Fred & Jerri Greenley

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