First United Presbyterian Church in Collinsville IL

Our Mission


Worship Service
Small Bible Study Group
3rd Wednesday


At FUPC we are working to equip people with the disciplines and virtues necessary for the Christian life. The Apostle Paul wrote the great three Christian virtues are faith, hope, and love. Love being the greatest of them all! At FUPC we offer Sunday School Classes, Confirmation, Small Groups, and events to develop the three great virtues in each person. We do so in the hope that embracing them and living them will help us fulfill our mission of positively impacting the community by increasing in our love for all of God’s creation.


One of FUPC’s goals is to empower people to live as Jesus has called us to live which is summarized in the word of the prophet Micah, “Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.” To achieve this requires a willingness to invest time and resources in people. For over 200 years FUPC has been investing in people. FUPC provides people with the necessities to live a healthy well adjusted Christian life. Stop in sometime to get a close look at all the good things that are happening here.     

Our Mission at First United Presbyterian Church in Collinsville, IL